Carton Custom Process Detailed
- Aug 10, 2018 -

   Corrugated board is made of paper, paper, core paper and corrugated cardboard. According to the need of inventory packaging, corrugated cardboard can be processed into one-sided corrugated board, three-storey corrugated, five-storey, seven-storey, 11-ply corrugated. Corrugated board has different waveform shape, corrugated board function is also different. Even with the same quality of paper and paper, due to the different forms of corrugated cardboard, the results also have a certain difference. The international general waveform is divided into four types, namely cold type, C type, B type and type E. Their technical characteristics and requirements are shown in the table A-type corrugated board, with good cushioning, a certain degree of elasticity, with the type of the cold two-type blanks. But the stiffness and impact resistance are better than the cold type. B-type cold layout density, formed by corrugated surface, pressure is large, suitable for printing; E-type cold is thin and dense, showing its strength. The difference between container and container is mainly outside diameter, which is closely related to corrugated type. The following table describes the carton diameter, manufacturing specifications, OD specifications ratio: Corrugated carton size of cartons in the case of the size of the material. The production dimension is measured in the order of pressure in the expansion box. The roller groove of the Cutting machine is the groove of the pressure line position and is the centerline of the groove. The distance between the two lines is the size of the production. Table 2 enables the conversion of production dimensions to internal and external diameters, but they also have their own measurement methods. Corrugated box in the manufacturing process has a single puzzle and double spell is a single page shaping box, a cardboard box usually used for a small circumference; the double spell is also known as a two-page box, some boxes are too big, and you need to put the cartons together in two parts, But sometimes carton factories use the manufacturing process to reduce the rest of the material will also use two pieces of cardboard box size not too large, or even sometimes four pieces.

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