Carton customized to become packaging help
- Aug 10, 2018 -

  Carton customized to become the market products, product packaging has become a basic marketing tool, packaging visual attractiveness and high functionality can attract consumers attention.

  Consumers ' awareness of environmental protection and the importance of packaging design, as well as customized cartons increasingly meet the personalized needs of people. Make cartons should pay attention to the following: To determine the size of carton customization (that is, carton size): First measurement of the actual length of the product, width and height, and then as much as possible to increase the thickness of the carton (carton height to 0.5 MM), cartons are carton size. Order Material: Select carton material. According to the weight and cost of goods, reasonable choice of carton materials, need to understand cardboard. Printing carton problem: Generally speaking, the larger the printing area, the higher the cost. Of course, the number of colors is also very important.

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