Carton processing Process
- Aug 10, 2018 -

Carton in our daily life is common to, because now online shopping is more common, it can be very good to protect the products we buy, so now the Express is basically carton packaging, so how much do you know about carton processing process?

Design determines the final effect of the product: the carton product design is particularly important, otherwise it is difficult to meet customer requirements, may be returned, causing significant losses to the enterprise.

1 calculation of the lower carton can withstand large stack code load PS

2) Select the appropriate coefficient k

3) Calculate the large compressive strength value p according to the coefficient

4 According to the Kelicutt formula, select the appropriate paper collocation combination 2. Do the process control is the guarantee of product realization: The process Technology Department design products can be well implemented, each process of the strict implementation of standards is essential. Therefore, the requirements of the process of the monitor in a timely manner to monitor the quality of this process is the final product quality assurance. In addition, quality supervisors do not regularly patrol, timely correction and treatment of breaches of the process to ensure the strict implementation of the process.

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