How to prevent carton from being damp?
- Aug 10, 2018 -

  Carton damp will affect the quality of cartons, and then carton customization, how we should avoid water problems, resulting in Taobao carton damp and can not be used and other problems appear. The difference between container and container is not the outer diameter, but is closely related to the type of corrugated paper. The following table describes the carton's inner diameter, manufacturing method and the ratio of the outside diameter to the specification: the size of the cardboard box size is related to the size of the cardboard. Size manufacturing is measured by expanding the line pressure on the site. The pressure line on the cutting machine is the centerline of the pressure line and groove in the groove. The distance between the two lines is the scale of production. The conversion of the manufacturing dimensions of the inside and outside diameters can be obtained by Table 2, but they also have their own measurements. Corrugated box in single, double-sided puzzle Magic manufacturing process is composed in the box, generally used for small round boxes; Double devils are also known as two-page frames, some card-length Tai Zhou, together with two cardboard boxes, but sometimes carton mills use two cartons that are not large in size to produce the remaining material in the process.

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