More Creative packaging box design how to do it
- Aug 10, 2018 -

  1: Packaging design also has its design concept, the use of auxiliary methods of direct performance packaging design techniques, the image of the product, with Windows or photographic methods to directly express the image of the product and quality, to consumers lifelike feelings.   2: Exaggeration is not only a choice, but also stressed that the main image, although not reasonable, but the situation. This technique in China's people ask paper-cut, mud toys, shadow play modelling and foreign cartoon art have many vivid performance,This style of expression is full of romance. The exaggeration of the packing picture generally should have the lovable, vivid, interesting characteristic, but should not use the form of the demonize.

  3: Packaging design should pay attention to the local characteristics of the typical, close-up. This is a large and large containing, to the local performance of the whole approach, so that the main features of a more concentrated performance. 

  4: Packaging design can not leave the community, isolated from their own to study the problem, he must penetrate into the community to understand the needs of consumers. Lack of the traditional design of the times, but the display of folk art and totem, it is difficult to induce people's resonance, lack of national design, only compatible with national nature, can design a better work.

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