What aspects of the material should be understood in the packaging design
- Aug 10, 2018 -

  We are in the design of the packaging box is also a learning, learn a little skill, DIY gift packaging, send her gifts, but also to send her special mind! Product packaging, should follow the appropriate, reliable, beautiful,

  The principle of the economy. Because of the variety of products, different performance, the requirements are not the same, therefore, the product packaging in the consideration of the problem is not the same. Gift boxes are made of the following kinds of paper: 1: White cardboard: white cardboard is a pure wood pulp paper, white cardboard due to thick paper, bending elasticity, generally do not make face paper use, but the customer requirements convex, feel to be obvious, you can choose 230 grams (210 grams of procurement difficulty big)

  White cardboard. Often used in hand bag printing, commonly used 230 grams and 250 grams of, 300 grams can also, but because of paper thickness, not easy to fold, unless the customer special requirements, generally not.

  2: Double adhesive paper: Mainly used for books and periodicals printing, in the gift box is mainly used in paper, gram weight generally in 50 grams-120 grams between. The company commonly used double glue paper generally in 80 grams. 3: Special paper: Gift box commonly used 120 grams. Special paper due to surface treatment, generally not good printing, but the surface is smooth, can be printed. Special paper is susceptible to air moisture, easy to lotus leaf edge, resulting in a higher than the rate of the printing plate waste 30-50

  Inji. Special Paper Poor scalability, brittleness, plus can not cover the film, and density plate when combined, it is easy to cause the edge of the break. 4: Gold and silver cardboard: gold and silver cardboard paper for the commonly used 250 grams and 300 grams of white board paper, paper and white cardboard can also be made of gold and silver cardboard. Laser paper is one of the gold and silver cards. Gold Card paper is divided into aluminum foil gold and gold plating, Aluminum film Gold card is mainly for screen printing; if offsctdruckereien, usually use aluminum foil gold, Offsctdruckereien finished,

  Another layer of pre-coating film. 5: Coated paper: Copper papers belong to pure pulp paper, general use of 157 grams of coated paper, four-color printing, can be spot-color printing, can be convex, but not obvious, can be bronzing hot silver, surface can be printed on the screen. The demand for convex obvious, you can choose 200 grams of coated paper. The requirement double-sided printing, commonly known as double-sided copper, often used for promotional materials, Calendars and other items that require double-sided printing.

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