Analyze The Printing Related Knowledge Of Packing Box
- Aug 10, 2018 -

  1. The reasonable use of color The paper will make the color appear unexpected deviation. Designers should know that the same white paper, the degree of white between them is warm or cold, it will affect the change in the color of the printing, such as yellow on the cold white Paper will make yellow green, printed on the warm white will be red.

Especially for the application of Colored art paper, more cautious, do have a knowing.

  2. Reasonable application of paper The most commonly used paper (the size of the whole) has two specifications: the size of the standard paper is 787mm, width is 1092mm; The area of the special paper is 880mm, the width is 1230mm; The imported paper also has a long 889mm, wide for the 94mm and many other specifications. When printing presses the size of the machine to the car, generally have full drive, to drive and four driving. Small 16 open offset car and so on. In order to avoid wastage, designers must consider the size of the paper tray to fit or close to the number of pages you will be using when you design.

Use the paper skillfully by inserting the top and bottom cover of the carton and using the Insert (tongue) part to cover it.

  3. Printing and other matters needing attention Printing workers are often determined by a print run, generally with 5000 pieces of paper on the machine for a printing (less than 5000 to 5000) of the principle of four colors to 4 for 4 printing work. The size of the paper is the number of the above machine, not to the size of the carton, four on the machine and off the printer is basically the same.

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