Exquisite Packing Box Packing Style Complete
- Aug 10, 2018 -

  1. Expanded packaging: After the opening of the packaging, gifts flat, you can directly take a package.There are a lot of boxes and baskets under this kind of packing. box and other objects lining, the appearance of a flat, easy to display. In a certain plane can decorate some ornaments, or leave parting.The food and clothing we usually buy belong to this kind of packing. 

  2. Hanging Packaging: Some gifts can not be flat equipment, and need to go through special packaging, hanging up to show.More in the gift products, such as Some plush ornaments, toys, main gifts in a small gift basket, outside cover a layer of "stars" of the glass wrapping paper, hanging in the air. There are also some shops will be hanging gifts with hooks, hang holes and so on display, and some food shops will be filled with fruit net, etc.This type of packaging to consider the robustness, aesthetics, can not be taken care of on the other hand. 

  3. Stacked Packaging: Suitable for different varieties of gifts packaged together, or component packaging, that is, some kind of bulk gift is not suitable for large-capacity packaging, but into small-capacity component packaging. This kind of packing is a gift assembly. If you buy a gift with a box of sweets, a piece of clothing, and a box of cosmetics, etc., you need to pack them into a bundle, is stacked packaging. Stacking packaging is often equipped with bags, such as the formation of bags, bag type, suitcase type, outside the name of the product and manufacturer or sales unit name, these units are also well-known enterprises, so the gift will be very eye-catching.

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