Gift Box Packaging Color Control
- Aug 10, 2018 -

  1. Color design using the simplified contrast

With a large area of the actual photo of the straw bedding, it seems very complicated even the packaging world four words also complicated in, but the central position of the picture, showing a clean, a round color blank.

  2. Color combination and Management The process of color management is shifted by the consistency of colors and the coordination of all aspects of the printing work production. Fundamentally speaking, color management is the transfer of color in different work links. Color Management System (CMS) is responsible for the original color correctly transferred to the display, and finally transferred to the color proofs, the eye observation of each link on the color appearance will be consistent feeling. This is a fine color conversion process, and very subtle differences in the field of color are all meant to be imperfect--such as the difference between yellow and orange for ripe days. The printing industry is undergoing an evolution from hand craft to scientific production, which has led to a systematic color.CMS developers are working hard to deliver information in an open and true manner between themselves, their customers, and even their competitors, which is a great challenge.

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