How Do We Identify The Quality Of Carton Packaging?
- Aug 10, 2018 -

The quality of the packaging box is our daily use of the more concerned about the problem, because if it is not very good quality, will make the preservation of vegetables will not be so useful, then how should we identify its quality or bad?

As follows: To observe the appearance of packaging cartons, excellent bags on the outside of the scratch marks, there is no pinhole leak, the main is to check whether the sealing department qualified. Check the sealing strength: packaging carton to reach the vacuum state, sealing the inspection is the most important, detection methods: the hands into the bag, the average force to tear in the opposite direction. Tear is the seal of the place even if the deformation will not delamination, as a high sealing strength, gently tear will be broken, it is regarded as a mild low, the real life of CPE material packaging bags than opp material strength.

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