The Art Of Carton Packaging Design
- Aug 09, 2018 -

Carton packaging is the world's most widely used sales packaging, natural also has its own design laws.

However, there have been few paper packaging design monographs or textbooks for packaging designers and design art majors. Carton packaging at present design art packaging design books related to the design of the package is more introduction carton packaging decoration design, the description of the carton packaging structure is mainly in the carton structure, but often not much and systematic, normative, many just a list of some figures, let people know that they do not know why Paper box structure of packaging engineering books because of the different object-oriented, its theory is strong, the formula data is many, the color picture is few, not intuitive enough to make the packaging designer and design art students more difficult to understand.

In addition, many of the existing packaging design books its structural design and modelling, decoration design and production of the content of the combination is not close enough, and the design of the carton is often lack of a more systematic elaboration. Any kind of object in nature has the relationship between parcel and parcel, and each kind of object's wrapping form, modelling structure and practical function make people have to marvel at the uncanny workmanship of nature and great creativity. The first and most abundant design material of mankind originates from nature. Whether it was an act of creation in ancient times. Or the modern design concept, all take nature as the object of simulation and research. Looking at the nature will find that there are many very beautiful and clever natural packaging patterns.

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