The Development Trend Of Packing Box Design
- Aug 10, 2018 -

  The combination of tradition and modernity, the combination of nationality and international, is one of the important characteristics of excellent packaging design. From the international and domestic excellent packaging design examples also confirm this point.

  In modern packaging design, we should not only pay attention to the national culture, but also take into account the characteristics of the times and the national culture sold to the region in order to design excellent packaging. Packaging design is a characteristic manifestation of modern social culture, which is not only a part of traditional culture, but also a material carrier of culture. Tradition refers to the thought, culture, morals, style, art, system and behavior way of history, and the national culture is an important part of traditional culture. The more local, the more national, the more easy to attract people, "only the Nation is the world", these ideas gradually become the world economic integration era of consensus. Modern packaging design, if it has the national characteristics of the world's attention can be more recognized.

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